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All Size of Companies have Business Objectives to Achieve, & Sometime the Sales Strategies do not line up within the given Time Limit.


We Utilize our International Network to help you achieve Annual Sales Target through B2B basis.

Exclusive Offers

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Our existing products and services area mainly cover but not limited to secured R&D consultancy which includes Consumer Electronics PCBA Solutions, Edge to Edge Consumer Product Design, Smart Technology Integration, Consumer Product Material, Mass Production, Global Standard Compliance. B2B Merchandise Collection that mainly serve and demonstrate GOKI's capability for Promotional FMCG Market.

Service Principles

Our product are designed and certified to comply with internationally recognized safety standards, international logistics standards, and patent rights with clients who obtain valid famous international branding. We work with our existing qualified manufacturing assemble partners for the mass production part who are capable and established long term experience with GOKI to manage and handle secured consumer products we created or developed for our clients. Following not just the given AQL standard to meet with 3rd inspection party, GOKI enforces strict policies and global insurance implementation to ensure our clients reputation is secured, and their users are protected.

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