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Air Puifier


Improve air quality, Keep your home healthier


H11 can absorb chemical smoke, PM2.5, bacteria, dust particles and pollen! There are general and fast filtering speed adjustment options

Photocatalyst Purifier

The catalytic system can effectively purify formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen compounds, TVOC and other harmful gases in the air!

Negative Ion

Negative ions can remove pollutants in the air and absorb harmful substances such as cigarettes

Input:DV5V/1A USB-C


Purifier Output:Level1<3W, Level2<4.5W


USB Output:5V


Negative ions density:2000000pcs/cm2




Filter: HEPA+Photocatalyst+Negative Ion


Remove for:PM2.5, HCHO(Formaldehyde),TVOC, SO2, CO,Benzene,Allergen,Ammonia,Pollen,Dust


Dimensions: 71x171(H)mm


Weight: 205g

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